Hello! My name is Simon Minton, and I am the author of Technical Chops. With a 15-year background in the tech industry, my experience spans across both large enterprises and early-stage startups. My expertise lies in developing prototype applications and guiding founders towards achieving product/market fit. A defining aspect of my work is my focus on human-centric experiences, which is a central theme in all my writings for Technical Chops.

I am based in London, England but often work with companies in the U.S. I also have a personal website here.

What is Technical Chops?

I started writing Technical Chops to help me tease out and articulate my thoughts on the longer term implications of emerging technology. I like to think of the articles as 60% analysis, 20% opinion and 20% informed speculation, and try to aim for this blend in what I write.


You can contact me via email or on Twitter/X and Threads. Most everywhere I am @simonminton.