We turn ideas into success stories.

Technical Chops was founded to execute on ideas and deliver the best possible products.

This is why we exist.

Our team have a diverse range of skills and professional expertise with one commonality: we are passionate about turning ideas into exceptional real life products.

We have a laser focus on building good looking, easy to use products that work flawlessly. This focus is driven by an ethos of delivering in an agile manner, working closely with client teams to quickly achieve the best possible outcomes.

1. Research & Strategise.

We immerse ourselves in your world to truly understand what your customers need and want.

Once we work out what needs doing, we build a bespoke team of experienced and committed designers and engineers to execute the strategy that we've agreed with you.

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2. Prototype & Build.

We take everything that we have learned in Stage 1 and apply it to wireframes, designs and user journey planning.

You get to see the first visuals of your product and understand exactly how it will work for you and your customers. Once you are happy, we then start the build.

3. Test & Test again.

We build and test, repeatedly, until we are all happy that the product is as good as it can be.

We sit down with customers and give them early access to ensure that the product really improves their lives. In doing so, we create ambassadors who will spread the word.


4. Launch.

Now we are ready for launch. Your team can take back the day to day running of the product.

We won't go anywhere if you don't want us to; we can still be there to advise and ensure you are operating at peak performance, version after version.

Ready to realise your idea? Get in touch.