We realise great ideas.

We work with entrepreneurs and blue chip companies to turn ideas into reality.

Having a great idea is only part of building a profitable business. We provide the skills and expert technical knowledge required to execute and create successful products.

If you need technical chops, we have them.

Three Key Skills.

Our services comprise of three specific areas.

We inform our clients about technology.
We create products for our clients from their ideas.
We help our clients to collaborate with others to build their businesses.


Whether you are a CEO, a non-technical founder or just need a better understanding of the technological landscape, we can help you. We advise on best practices and the practicalities of technology in today’s fast moving world.

From overviews of whether ideas are feasible right down to the nitty-gritty of architecting exacting implementations – we have helped hundreds of clients gain a better understanding of how to progress, ensuring they know which features are ‘nice to have’ and which are vital to their success.

We specialise in providing clear, concise explanations to non-technical users who want a broad overview without getting bogged down in the multitude of technical intricacies that are often found through time consuming research.

If you want to be better armed in business, especially when you need a technical perspective, you should speak to us.


We have worked with many clients who have varying degrees of technical knowledge to build a multitude of web applications, mobile apps and websites.

For entrepreneurs who have specific market experience but limited technological expertise we can realise your ideas and turn them into the product that you really want.

We work very closely with a design and web development studio who have the skills to develop whatever you can imagine. Branding, websites, web applications, mobile apps, desktop apps: If it can be built, we will help you create it.


Sometimes you need more than advice and more than a development studio – you need a real technical partner. Many founders quickly realise that they need the permanent presence in their company of an individual who has expert technical knowledge in a specific area.

If this sounds like you then we offer a specific service to non-technical cofounders of sourcing a permanent partner with the relevant technical knowledge for their business to become a co-founder or executive level technical officer.

If you want to look into your options with regard to a true collaboration, get started here.